Thu 8 Mar '18 - Art / expo

Opening: Pizza Cigars and Art

Part of RE#SISTER - Presented by WORM & Mama Cash

Pizza, Cigars & Art

The concept is simple.
Bring your own pizza.
Bring your own cigars.
We provide art from 3 artists.
We provide an oven to put your own frozen pizza in.

Artworks and performances by Danielle Hoogendoorn, Eva Elaine and Falkona Rexhepi

Live Stick ‘n Poke tattoos by .Tiff

We smoke, eat and we look at art.
Are you coming?
That would be nice.

Pizza, Cigars & Art is part of RE#SISTER – Presented by WORM & Mama Cash

A varied, powerful and colourful evening with short talks, live concerts and performances, expo, body art, pizza and cigars. Featuring: Miranda Driessen, Victoria Shen, Non la Decadence, Lone Taxidermist, the S/ASH GA\\ERY and RE#SISTER DJs.

Danielle Hoogendoorn: “To transcend the limitations of what can and can’t be done in the artworld, I had to create a new reality within my work. One wherein everything is possible and where all my subjects can exist side by side without explanation. I often display animals in my work because they are presumed to be too kitch to be in serious art, I love to play with that, to see how far I can go. During the process of painting, my subjects change or begin a dialogue with each other, resulting in work that’s always different in composition and subject than foreseen. By presenting my paintings as objects and allowing them to extend beyond the boundaries of the canvas, I try to break away from the formal museum and traditional aesthetics. I want to encourage the viewer to perceive reality in a different way.”

Eva Elaine: “I use my work as a battering ram, and a form of psychic self-defense against my own thoughts and tendencies.                                                            I conceive, document and go on. Through this process I explore and explain my own obsessions.”

Flakona Rexhepi portrays her social context and dreams into moving images and sound.