Wed 18 Sep '19 - Pirate Bay

Pirate Radio: Tomer Baruch


In his solo performance at Pirate Radio Tomer Baruch will sample and process audio-bits from The Pirate Bay archive into his self-programmed instrument “Aquifer” in order to explore the possibility of a made-up nostalgia. Using these sonic relics the music retains a hint of familiarity in a futuristic soundscape; shifting from naive to abstract and vice-versa; projecting the illusion of longing to something that never were…

Tomer Baruch is an interdisciplinary musician and sound artist living in Tel Aviv. In his work he mixes a variety of genres and mediums, ranging from psychedelic funk, abstract ambient lullabies, noise-jazz and experimental net-based sound art. In recent years he has toured across Europe and Israel as a solo performer as well as with Ensembles CRuNCH 22 and Stoka; composed music for various films, dance works and theatre plays and created the viral Instagram account “Animals and Synthesizers”. His latest solo album, “Subterranean Currents” was released in 2018 on SØVN Records.