Tue 23 Jul '19 - Pirate Bay

Pirate Radio: Robert Machiri

Dzimudzangara: A spectral figuration of archival voices

Listening at Pungwe
Dzimudzangara: A spectral figuration of archival voices

‘Spectral figuration of the voice as an invisible yet highly perceptible and profoundly felt immateriality which hovers between live entities of the world…’ – Anna Maria Ochoa Gautier

This performance, will form through intertextual inscriptions of the acoustic embodied in archival collections. ‘Listening at Pungwe’ explores the relationship between the sound of language and the language of sound. It will re-imagine the dialectic relationship between recording, translation and the transformation of transnational phonographic cultures by listening to Memory Biwa’s curatorial inputs of a sound collection located in Namibia’s expansive landscape and Robert Machiri’s migratory recordings from Southern Africa and beyond. The overall composition of the work will gather its form through its experiential performance, as a live remix at a Pungwe or Wake as in an unbounded exploration of aurali.

We are very enthusiastic Robert will use the archive material of WORM Pirate Bay as part of this project.