Fri 24 Feb '17 - Theatre

PFFF – Panflute Fantasy Festival

Outrageous music theatre and pan flute fantasies

Passepartouts and single tickets for the festival programme can be bought via WORM’s ticketshop!

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Thursday: 20.00 Opening with Panflute followed by: Hemels Vallen II: WAR! 

One protest show, four band members and one guinea pig.
Armed with encyclopedig facts, reality-theatre and inspiring poetic arguments, Hemels Vallen aks the question whether their world will perish. What would you do to protect your own skin? Furthermore, what is the best strategy; create borders or hide? With a lot of PUNK music, rapping guinea pigs and ‘THE POWER OF LOVE’ the Hemels Vallen band will go to battle against destruction… Who will fall and who will remain?

—– After Performance Bar party with panflute —-

Friday and Saturday: 20.00 Opening with Panflute followed by: Untitled, 2017 Nineties Productions

“Hello everybody, welcome! This is a show, this is a party that could also be a political party. We will present to you the past, the present and the future.
We’ve got some interesting guests, ‘cause it wouldn’t be a party without any.
And you’re the audience, but you’re also not the audience. You’re our guests and therefore you are the party. Grab a beer & sing along!”

Tune in Untitled, 17. Theatre and tv-show in one, a concert and a party, live on different locations throughout the country. The show is a contemporary interpretation of TV Party; a New York tv-show from the 80’s without a script and unstructured. As a counter reaction to the media and politics of that time, the show invited artists and entrepreneurs who gave each other space and to all that was not yet complete. Expect in our version of performances, musical acts, live video, compelling stories, the return of childhood heroes, an art race, community-drift and philosophical frameworks. A cacophonic and musical attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable.

—– After Performance Bar party with panflute —-