Fri 25 Oct '19 - Concert

Pere Ubu (US) – SOLD OUT

Legendary US rock band return to WORM playing unique new songs!
Sold out

Geen show van Pere Ubu, de band rondom levende legende en zanger David Thomas, is hetzelfde. Er zijn liedjes, maar er wordt ook geimproviseerd. Soms weerklinkt het intro van een legendarische popsong, waarna heel de zaal op het verkeerde been wordt gezet: er wordt geen cover gespeeld, alleen het intro kreeg een plekje. Pere Ubu gaat over popmuziek als kunstvorm; over alles wat popmuziek maximaal kan betekenen, vanuit een doortimmerde visie over de gehele constellatie die tot dat ene liedje leidt.

Juli 2019 verschijnt het nieuwe album ‘The Long Goodbye’, dat de basis vormt voor dit nieuwe optreden in WORM. David Thomas wordt ondersteund door toetsenist Gagarin, gitarist Keith Moline en drummer-percussionist Christ Cutler. The Long Goodbye is vernoemd naar het gelijknamige meesterwerk van de Amerikaanse schrijver Raymond Chandler over privédetective Philip Marlowe en vormt een soort samenvatting van veertig jaar Pere Ubu, als een band die zijn bestemming heeft weten te bereiken. Onthou daarbij: elke show van Pere Ubu kan de laatste zijn.

Pere Ubu return with shows to present ’The Long Goodbye’, their new album released July 2019. With a line-up of founder David Thomas on vocals, Gagarin on synths and drum machines, Keith Moliné on guitar and the legendary Mr Chris Cutler coming in on drums and percussion, they will present the entire album as well as some picks from their extensive back catalogue.

Pere Ubu concerts are a journey of the unknown – the band’s ability to make each show unique with shades of improvisation and legendary covers appearing in the encore means the phrase ‘expect the unexpected’ is never more true. When they last played (a sold out) WORM in 2018, singer David Thomas told us that “a song is a unique slice of space and time which has its own rules, its own gods, its own wife, its own laws, physical and metaphysical laws…” Thomas’s words could be a blueprint for the Cleveland band’s entire repertoire.

As concerns ‘The Long Goodbye’. David Thomas has been talking about Pere Ubu’s journey on the road to Satisfied City for many years but he has now declared that they have arrived. Named after Raymond Chandler’s novel, Thomas says: “This wraps up every song and story that Pere Ubu has been telling in different ways for the past forty plus years. It is one definitive hour that provides the answers to the questions we’ve been asking and delivers it up into what I consider the definitive destination.” This Pere Ubu album is different in that it utilises a wide range of synths due to Thomas writing and arranging the songs alone with his private collection of drum machines, synthesizers and a melodeon.

“I’d been listening to commercial pop radio non-stop for months”, says Thomas says. ‘That’s what I wanted to rewrite and reimagine. Pop music shouldn’t be without meaning or truthfulness. We live in desperate times and we keep on going regardless of the stench. It’s not often you’re gonna find the answers. If ever. But here is pop music the way it should sound.”

Pere Ubu’s sound is as driving and as widescreen and illuminating as classics like 30 Seconds of Tokyo and Misery Goat to recent belters like ‘Carnival Of Souls’ and 2018’s brilliant ’20 Years In A Montana Missile Silo.’ Expect the unexpected.