Fri 23 Feb '18 - Club

Pantropical x Anadolu Ekspres

Booty Carrell + Osdorp Tapes + Chris Baas

Pantropical x Anadolu Ekspres line up:

Booty Carrell (DE)
Osdorp Tapes DJ’s (NL)
Anadolu Ekspres DJ’s (NL)
Chris Baas (NL)
Jonathan Castro (PE) – visuals

The traits shared by Pantropical and Anadolu Ekspres as organisations are plentiful. We both scan non-western regions in search of thrilling music culture, sonic artifacts from the old days and the young trailblazers. We both love Booty Carrell. We both recommend the cassette excavations of Osdorp Tapes. At this club night we’re doubling our efforts to bring you the best for the outer-national dance floor.

Booty Carrell (DE | Golden Pudel, B-Music)
Booty Carrell is the alias of vinyl archaeologist and DJ Sebastian Reier. He does his research in the deepest recesses of the vinyl universe, setting off at a time where musicians around the world have started to meld regional traditions with distinct, ‘western’ gestures. Be it in Turkey, Iran, Romania, Pakistan, France or Germany; Carrell is known as one who brings minority pop and neglected world hits to the fore: ones that can turn the world upside down but will definitely make you dance. He is part of the B-Music DJ crew that revolves around Andy Votel and Doug Shipton’s record label Finders Keepers, and counsels music lovers in the Hamburg-based record store Groove City. His show, Groovie Shizzl is broadcast  twice-weekly on the internet radio station ByteFM.

Osdorp Tapes DJ’s (NL)
Formed by Baris Akardere and Jurriaan Pots, Osdorp Tapes is a cassette tape DJ project that takes inspiration from the sounds of Amsterdam Nieuw-West. The duo explores Middle Eastern, Northern African and Turkish music with a twice-monthly cassette show on Red Light Radio. Prepare for a new-school blend of Turkish pop, euro-house and Oyun havaları.

Anadolu Ekspres DJ’s (NL)
DJ Haylayf & DJ Klapsalon are the guys behind the Turko-Dutch event series Anadolu Ekspres; the Turko-Dutch club-night series forwarding the legacy of Turkish music in its broadest sense. Combining rare vinyl, weird cassettes and broken mp3-rips, their sound ranges from Turkish psych-rock to Iranian groove, Anatolian disco-folk, 90s Turko house and lost Halay tracks.

Chris Baas (NL | Pantropical)
As a DJ, Chris has shared stages with Mdou Moctar, DJ Tetris, DJ Bebedera, Gaye Su Akyol, Philou Louzolo, Altin Gün, Romperayo, Sufyvn, Senyawa and others, which demonstrates his abilities. Be sure to check out his mix here:

Jonathan Castro (PE | Pantropical) – visuals
Jonathan Castro is a talented graphic designer and musician from Lima, Peru, who currently works at Metahaven in Amsterdam.

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Booty Carrell is brought to you with kind support from Goethe-Institut Niederlande.