Sat 16 Sep '17 - Club

Pantropical: Why Be


Pantropical will be exploring the music that’s pushing the boundaries of club culture. Contemporary club, Dembow, Gqom, Bubbling, Moombahton and other forms will suggest new dancefloor configurations in the Avantgardistic State.

Why Be (DK | Halcyon Veil | Non)
After (intentionally) spending years on the fringes of experimental dance music, Tobias Lee established himself in 2015 as a strong voice in dance music’s larger conversation. Lee’s sound is defined by its visceral (often uncategorizable) nature. He’s as likely to draw on ballroom and rap as instrumental grime, but it’s his radically singular approach to putting it all together that makes his music so exciting.

Missdevana (NL | Nervous Horizon)
Missdevana is a fascinating producer and DJ from Eindhoven whose percussion-heavy sound blurs the lines between UK funky, dancehall, and raw bubbling. Her recent Brass EP on Nervous Horizon is a serious statement to challenge existing club structures.

Soulmatic (NL | We Run Thiss)
Soulmatic (aka Eddie Middle-line) used to be known as house DJ Lucky-E around the turn of the millennium. Now he is set to make you dance on future club music, fusing moombahton, afrohouse, but particularly his modern take on bubbling.

Yon Eta (NL | Bar None, Devorm)
A shapeshifting DJ and A/V composer who has a maximalist approach regarding sound. His DJs can incorporate anything, from South African gqom to reductionist R&B. He is the co-organisor of the forward-thinking ‘Bar None presents pl(us)’ club events in Amsterdam and the Devorm imprint.

Wu (NL | Bound Centre)
Wu forges a fresh, visceral club sound out of styles like vogue, contemporary hip-hop, funk carioca / favela funk, dembow, and South African gqom.

Victor Metske (NL | Bound Centre)
Victor Metske’s sound mirrors his own restlessness and need for change, while maintaining a high regard for the things that he loved in the past. Follow his mood through a mix of dark and festive club sounds.

Sphynx (MX) Visuals
Transmedial artist and interaction designer from Mexico currently based in Utrecht. He works in parametric design and selfcontrolled pieces.

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