Paul Marmota


Jonathan Castro 


Fri 16 Nov '18 - Club

Pantropical: NAZAR (Hyperdub) + PAUL MARMOTA + ARIAL BLACK + VITO 9000


As 2018 draws to a close, this will be the last full-blooded Pantropical for a while, so it’s time to stock your winter medicine cabinet. Coinciding with the release of his highly anticipated debut EP on Hyperdub, Angolan producer Nazar will present his new work of roughed up Kuduro. After introductions made on Kode 9 & Burials Fabriclive 100 mix with the track “Konvoy”, the advance of Nazar’s ‘Enclave’ is garnering rave reviews everywhere. We’re excited to have him back to get down to the bassbin business. From Chile via Mexico we also warmly welcome the sound of Paul Marmota whose scintillating beats and mixes traverse grime and dembow.

Nazar (AO/UK | Hyperdub)
Nazar is an Angolan producer and DJ who makes challenging, politically charged music. Angola is known musically for Kuduro, a dance music genre that is often used in a way that distracts from the dark and violent history of the country, with upbeat melodies and lyrics. Nazar inverts this formula with sounds and themes reflecting on the violent period of the 27-year Angolan civil war. Nazar calls this ‘rough kuduro’. His previous ‘NIHIL’ series – which reflect on the reigning Angolan kleptocracy – are a prime examples of these concepts.

Paul Marmota (CL| Lit City Trax, La Vendicion)
Producer / DJ Paul Marmota is originally from Santiago de Chile but moved to Mexico City in 2010. The main quality of his music is the fluent blend of vibrant Latin American rhythms and the rather aloof ambience of European club music. Marmota mixes Dancehall, Plena, futuristic Reggaeton, House, Grime, and the chaotic aural influences of the urban environment. He explores Latin American identity and musical tradition while reflecting on contemporary visions of an interconnected world culture.

Arial Black (PE)
Arial Black is the DJ Avatar of Jonathan Castro. His club-oriented sets usually mix Juke, Footwork, and forward-thinking bass-heavy club music, but tonight’s set will be particularly pantropical-informed.

VITO 9000 (NL)
Vito 9000 is a Rotterdam-based producer duo who will sent one delegate behind the decks. Determined to push their own boundaries musically, Vito 9000 stands for a rhythmical, dark and explosive club sound. Their mixes and productions breathe the atmosphere of Rotterdams diverse and industrial environment.

Jonathan Castro (PE) – Visuals
Multitask legend Jonathan Castro is renowned for his matchless graphic design. Originally from Lima, Peru, he currently works freelance in Amsterdam. Among other things he recently made works for 032c, Boiler Room and several exhibitions worldwide. brings NAZAR (Hyperdub Records).