Fri 5 Aug '16 - Concert

Pantropical: ATA KAK


Het is zover! Tijdens zijn reeks shows op Sónar, Villette Sonique, Strange Sounds From Beyond en Off Festival komt dé Awesome Tapes From Africa ontdekking ATA KAK gewoon WORM op z’n kop zetten. Met zijn hoog aangeschreven vijfkoppige band zal Yaw Atta-Owusu tijdens Pantropical de krakers van z’n underground hitplaat “Obaa Sima” komen vertolken. Zowel ethnomusicologen als dansvloer fanaten schuifelen er al sinds geruime tijd op, in ‘t geniep thuis, en in de beter clubs. Nu komt Ata Kak’s originele hiplife (een soort ‘highlife’ geïnjecteerd met het DNA van Afrikaanse en Caribische diaspora, geproduceerd als hiphop/rap) deze avond weer tot leven.


ATA KAK (gh | awesome tapes from africa)
Pantropical is super thrilled to introduce the Ghanaian electronic/rap/hiplife–highlife sensation ATA KAK, the man who kick-started the whole Awesome Tapes From Africa phenomenon! Ata Kak’s cassette “Obaa Sima” was almost completely ignored upon its release in Ghana back in 1994. But when musicologist Brian Shimkovitz stumbled upon the tape at a street stall in Cape Coast, Ghana eight years later, it formed the catalyst for his new venture, the Awesome Tapes from Africa blog. Shimkovitz wrote of Ata Kak’s music in his inaugural post: “This is it. The song is called ‘Moma Yendodo’. You may never hear anything like this elsewhere. No one I know in Ghana listens to this frenetic leftfield rap madness.” The music on the recording – a mix of highlife, Twi-language rap, funk, hip-hop and electronica – traverses a rich and varied (international) pop music landscape, while also reflecting contemporary Ghanaian music of the period. Presented with the sweaty passion of a Prince record and the lo-fi recording charm of early Chicago house music, Obaa Sima’s joyous soul and casual brilliance made the enigmatic Ata Kak an underground internet sensation and a party-starter the world over. After more than a decade of searching Brian finally tracked down the singer.

DUCKFOOD (nl | rebel up!)
Afrobot is an avid collector and selector of all kinds of pantropical craziness. For this one he’ll be slaving away through his crates to dig up some (quote) ‘South African bubblegum’ and other afrodelic tastes.

AFROBOT (nl | salamanca)
Duckfood’s massive music collection absorbs anything from renaissance to Moroccan trance. His DJ selections are colourful and not hampered by any preoccupation about genre.