Tec Art – 2017
Replica of the Moon

Wed 7 Feb '18 - Festival

TEC ART – Opening + Symposium

Free Entrance. w/ professor in philosophy René ten Bos

FUTURE FLASH 200 is the theme of the 5th edition of TEC ART. From 7-11 febr, during the Art Rotterdam Week, TEC ART looks into the future, presenting 4 long days and nights. With expos, symposium, talks, tec-music, experiments and parties at the cutting edge of art and technology. The festival takes place at three locations: WORM, V2_Insititute for Unstable Media and public space around the Boomgaardsstraat.

7-11 February: XPO
The spaces of WORM and V2 form an interactive antropocene playground and are connected with a corridor during TEC ART. Both spaces are filled with installations, robotics, Artifical Intelligence en virtual realities. Experience the works of Floris Kaayk, Frederik de Wilde, Maartje Dijkstra, Angelo Vermeulen, Daniela de Paulis, Joris Strijbos + Daan Johan and others. More over, there are showcases of 25 talented born digitals, 2017 graduates from the leading Dutch art academies in the field of creative technology.

Wednesday 7th of February: Symposium with René ten Bos (NL) Denker des Vaderlands/Thinker Laureate
Together with philosophy professor René ten Bos, TEC ART 2018 explores the future. The theme of FUTURE FLASH 200 gives room to go back into time to the year 1818, when Mary Shelly wrote her novel Frankenstein; about the iconic birth of the very first cyborg, the prototype of human enhancement. But with FUTURE FLASH 200 we mostly look towards and beyond the future. How do humans and art relate to each other in these days of exponentially growth and rapid developments in technology, while becoming more and more part of the digital networks, artificial intelligences and steering algorithms that run modern society? What does this imply for the future of contemporary art and mankind?

Professor in philosophy René ten Bos will be the keynote speaker of the symposium of TEC ART 2018.

Special artist presentations by Frederik de Wilde and Hannes Andersson

Symposium moderator: Josephine Bosma