Thu 25 Oct '18 - Art / expo

Open Performance Academy #4

Art Science Hunger

Entrance = 5,- euros at the door!

[EN] Its back to school with the Open Performance Academy! The Open Performance Academy (OPA) is a knowledge and practice platform for artists and theoreticians who work with and from performance. During OPA, we invited performance artists, culture theorists and philosophers to speak about their artistic process in relation to liquid knowledge. The term Liquid Knowledge is taken from performance artist Marina Abramovich. It is posited as the eradication of universal principles of truth.


Kirsten Heshusius

Kirsten Heshusius creates performances provoking universal thoughts and systems. Within her performances she deals with body transformation and strong but minimal visual imagery often based on autobiographical events. The architecture and history of the spaces is often a departure point of her performances. During OPA she will talk about performance as visual poetry and public space related to her new work.


Lilia Scheerder

Lilia Scheerder is a performance artist, sound artist, printmaker and Drag King. Her ongoing interest is of the strange and the dark, the analog, black and white and the outdated. Next to being an artist, she is an organizer of cultural events, including in Extrapool in Nijmegen and co-founded the DIY label Barreuh Records. In the last years she is performing with her alter ego Antoine Panaché and currently working on a new alter ego which we will show in December. During  Art Science Hunger she will discuss the transformation of the body in relation to her alter egos.


Performative Symposium by Juriaan Achthoven

Juriaan Achthoven is a theater maker and organizer of the Performative Simposium and the Performance Lab in Utrecht, with the emphasis on collective, artistic research. In his MA thesis, Achthoven writes about the impact of digital technology on our experience. Achthoven is interested in the interface between theater and performance in contemporary art and science.