Sun 11 Mar '18 - Concert

AEOHH presents Open Mike Eagle (US) & Milo (US) + Mo Jakob (oa Chips) DJ

Working Class Rap

Open Mike Eagle (US)
Open Mike Eagles Brick Body Kids Still Daydream finds the polymath art rap MC/lyricist/comedian/TV+film writer revitalizing Chicagos Robert Taylor Homes, the massive public housing complex in Chicago that was torn down a decade ago following public vote. This cutting album is based on Mikes experiences and a vivid, comic book-style reimagining of the Homes from the perspective of “a daydreaming kid in the projects,” he says. The narrative serves as a larger commentary on the current political climate and race relations, from an artist known for impressionistic, incisive lyrics over beats that bounce from soulful to haunting and jagged.

“This is a stunning eulogy for the ghettos, for the families that were uprooted, for the bodies dislodged and disposed.” – Pitchfork

Milo (US)
This is rap by and made for the working class. In no way does that implicate art rap as a misnomer. This is magnanimous rap that will not tolerate. It goes, motherfuck a gatekeeper.

This event is supported by All Eyes on HipHop.

Mo Jakob (oa Chips) comes to play some long playing records on an amplified electric record player.