Fri 14 Sep '18 - Concert

Oedipus x WORM: Patsy (US) + JC Thomaz and the Missing Slippers (NL)

Get ripped.

Beer brewers of renown Oedipus, often a favourite with WORM’s barflies, challenge us to a sonic stand off; courtesy of these two acts. And watch out as Oedipus will stage a tap take over at some point in the evening. O, happy day…

Patsy (US)
A clashing, clattering and high-falutin’ rock and roll NOIZE, topped off with strident, attitudinous [sic] vocals that urge us on to whatever Ragnarok chooses our fancy! No mucking about here, and rightfully so. Choppy, caustic and economical, Patsy’s music seemingly has little time to waste on frivolities; but that’s fine with us.

JC Thomaz and the Missing Slippers (NL)
Cast-iron Rotterdamse Rockaboogie of the highest order. Glamoreuse yet ungainly, drawing on this port city’s trash aesthetic and kicking against the collective 010 prickfest of architecture and bijou-burgerdom ALL AT ONCE, JC Thomaz and the Missing Slippers fuse previously unnoticed links between blues, glam and boerenrock. A singer that sometimes sounds like he is channelling Lux Interior backed by what often comes across as a blues take on Chinn and Chapman. How could you miss that?

Dj Sid Idiopath
Sidhi Achmat, better known as Dj Sid Idiopath (KATE & LEOPOLT) started collecting vinyl at a young age. Her whole life was surrounded by music, as a performer, musician and Dj. Now she will bless your dance-floor with RAW vibrations.