Sun 31 Dec '17 - Club

NYE: ctrl+alt+loop

the futurism is now

We continue our revolution of love in WORM’s Avantgardistic State, where we will party so hard that cosmic waves will create a supernova of music, dance, performance and euphoria. This transient astronomical event ushers in a perpetual state of affection which transcends all beings, galaxies and even chronology itself. The time is now! Together we create a State of Love where every medium of art is experienced in symbiosis. The next evolutionary step in our collective urban future: a perfect synergy of technology and humanity where emotions are released in their purest form. Come and enter the loop in the past, present and future.

Or drop by if you just want to have a good time!

Be sure to grab an orbital UFO to your local digital ticketshop.
Presale = €12,50
Door = €17,50

And invite your fellow transdimensional surfers through Facebook here.

Intergalactic Metropolitan Entities: