Sun 19 May '19 - Talk

Noiserr + Regenerative Feedback Reading and Research


Convening bi-weekly to discuss issues around noise philosophy, cybernetics, sociopolitics, critical theory and whatever else may come. Readings curated by Martina Raponi, and sometimes Sonia de Jager. No background knowledge required, as long as you’re interested in learning more about these topics and contributing to the conversation.

Join any session you want, it is not necessary to attend all sessions. Parallel to Rotterdam will be sessions held at Butcher’s Tears, in Amsterdam (please see Noiserr website). Check the calendar and topics of discussions at download the texts around the session you want to attend, and just join the reading and research group. No need to read the texts beforehand, (just bring your own reading device/vehicle!).

The amount of reading you do is up to your needs and liking. For each session we focus on a particular overarching word/theme, you will find these on the website ( You should download and read the PDFs floating around these words. Make notes, or not, formulate thoughts, or not, bring material you find relevant to the discussion, or not.

At WORM we will work together with The Pirate Bay, making use of their archive and displaying films, zines, music and other miscellanies whenever relevant.