Sat 11 Apr '20 - Workshop



Following the corona developments, this event is cancelled until further notice.   

Geluiden, klanken, ruis en stilte zijn deel van ons dagelijks leven. We zijn omringd door geluiden, en worden er door geraakt en vormgegeven.

Noiserr is een artistiek project, met een interdisciplinair onderzoekteam. Gefocust op de bevindingen van Noiserr worden deze vertaald naar lees en luister sessies. Voor het Open City Programma van WORM, organiseert Noiserr een actief onderzoek met thema’s als: Relax, Home, Movement en Failure. De ideeën worden vertaald door muziek en geluiden door deze in te zetten als een conceptuele filter. Het format van Noiserr is erg open en creëert een ruimte waar iedereen welkom is om dingen te leren, te delen en te discussiëren.

Noiserr is an artistic project, an interdisciplinary research group centred around explorations of Noise via deconstructed reading and listening sessions.

Sound and noise, listening, attending sound, enduring sound, producing sound, recognising sound, belonging to sound…

Sound, noise, and the unsound, are part of our everyday life. We are immersed in sound, we get affected and shaped by it, we get directed and choreographed, or expelled, by it.

For the Open City program of WORM, Noiserr proposes an active investigation of the themes of Relax, Home, Movement, and Failure. These notions will be navigated using sound and noise as conceptual filters, as well as actual objects of observation, interaction, and reflection.

Noiserr’s format is very open. Noiserr offers a theoretical scaffolding of references, easily approachable by a reader/session attendant, that can be navigated in a cybernetic way by following the hints and the suggestions of the participants individually but also following the synergies that are created in the collective dynamics of each session.

Noiserr is a grassroots organisation, it relies on DIY practices of sourcing, sharing, discussing, and producing knowledge. Rhizomatic epistemology is a key value for Noiserr, aiming at disseminating culture and ideas by contamination, using highbrow/academic knowledge as much as pop culture. The intersection of the two is a necessary collision in our contemporary complex world.

Noiserr offers tools to the public, and creates a space where everybody is welcome to learn, share, and discuss.

Noiserr is open to any attendant, coming from all sorts of backgrounds. Noiserr’s method is a way of bringing together people in all their diversity, and become a meeting point where that very diversity can be inhabited, explored, and nurtured, by way of negotiating positions and ideas, and creating an ecosystem for them to cohabit and coexist and evolve without imposing one view or truth over another.

Find more info and the reading/discussion materials here: