Thu 17 Sep '20 - Workshop

Noise Transmission Device Workshop (Full)

Electronic experimental music lecture/workshop by Francesco Zedde
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No Input Mixing, Circuit Bending, realisation of a basic DIY electronic instrument

The workshop is designed as a practical and theoretical introduction to some techniques and strategies of modern experimental music, the talk includes a few historical examples and an overview of the musical context related to circuit bending practice. Noise music and radical improvisation topics will be explained in a few guidelines to relate to the operation of realizing an uncommon and inefficient musical instrument in order to achieve complex and steerable sound synthesis.
The practical section involves the realization by each participant of a basic “circuit bending” project: modifying the circuit of a cheap pocket radio to make a portable and amplified electronic musical instrument.
The fundamental goal of the class is to show the possibility of making electronic instruments for sound synthesis with a few euros and no technical knowledge.

Since 2016 the course happened in various locations across Europe including Otolab (Milan), Monk (Rome) and Worm (Rotterdam)

~ 2 hours
Theory, examples, listening
~ 2 hours
Circuit bending a pocket radio with one pot, one button, wire and solder

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Video courtesy of:  Madiamorphose

Students are welcome to bring their own electronic toy/old telephone/cheap guitar pedal to discuss a different realization.

THE WORKSHOP IS FOR amateurs of electronic music, noise, pedals, musicians and non-musicians, engineers or electronic music geeks. No previous skill is required, everyone is welcome.


Francesco Zedde is a drummer, electronic musician, composer and improviser based in Bologna.
Graduated in electronic music, scoring for flms, sound design and sound engineering, since 2012 has been a member of 13 projects/bands, released 6 solo albums, featured in more than 20 records and played 439 concerts in 17 countries.
Founded and organized Discomfort Dispatch concert series (electronics/free impro festivals, since 2017), most of his music is released and presented under the names “Tacet Tacet Tacet”, (live electronics audio/visual project inspired by modern experimental and dark ambient music) and “Tonto”, grindcore one man band performed with a processed drumset and vocals.

Francesco carries on his own research activities involving augmented instruments, hacking and new media arts while keep on touring, producing and teaching.