Thu 28 Sep '17 - Feestje

NOIDD Jukebox Party

Social Jukebox interaction at #Wunderbar!

Noidd, the Jukebox of the future gets a run out in the Avantgardistic State! is a free WebApp for sharing music and videos in sync. Just like the good old Jukebox, Noidd is giving back the choice to the listener, albeit in a “digitally connected” version of its mythical predecessor. Everyone can join the collaborative playlist, and offer up their musical universe.

Algorithms are powerful, but they can’t beat the human touch! We believe in co-existence between physical and digital interactions. That’s why, in addition to #Wunderbar’s broadcast, the participants’ selections will be live-streamed on and can be heard by anyone around the world But make sure to come all the way to #Wunderbar for the thrill of it all!

“Find Worm’s Noidd channel on:

(Noidd is a tool for artists and labels, enabling a live interaction with their audience. It creates a space for people to share inspirations and discover audiovisual horizons.)