Tue 5 Sep '17 - Theatre

Nikki Hock & Marijn Brussaard + Firma Draak

2 physical performance installations in the Black Hole: Why, why ohh why (yyoy) + Cube to...



UBIK its extends its dark embrace to two physical performance installations .

20:15-21:15h // Why, why ohh why (yyoy) // Nikki Hock & Marijn Brussaard
Investigating contemporary fear and disorientation. Warning: stroboscope lights used!

“The only thing we have to fear is the culture of fear itself.” – Frank Ferudi

YYOY creates a space that leads the viewer through a series of uncanny experiences. Expect be be immersed in a multi-sensory, abstracted space that anticipates our deepest feelings of anxiety.  The audience confronts their own fear through an increasingly perplexing landscape of smell, image, colour, light, temperature and spatial sound; balanced upon a range of abstract and emotional layers.  This combination of elements – controlled and manipulated live – hyper-stimulates the senses, creating an array of incoming information that the brain is not fully able to process. As the performance unfolds, the spectator is taken from one emotional state to another. All components – the audience, the space, the elements – create an interplay out of which emerges an environment in which fear is exposed as an “affective” domain. There is no safe spot for the audience, only complete immersion in the space.

21:30-22:00h // Cube to … // Firma Draak: Mathieu Wijdeven & Nick Bos
Every perspective can be understood and justified. Imagine George, wearing a spacesuit with a small, blinking red light, floating through the absolute darkness of empty, desolate space, far away from any planets, stars or galaxy. From his perspective, George is completely alone, enveloped in the monotonous silence and dark of the cosmos. Then, George sees a little, blinking green light in the distance, and it seems like it’s coming closer. After a while, he can see that the light belongs to the spacesuit of another person. Her name is Gracey. Gracey just keeps floating, giving a little wave to George as she passes by. Then, slowly, she disappears into the distance.
This story can be told with equal validity from Gracey’s perspective. ”

Cube to… (preview) is a physical performance that tickles the imagination. Using various thought experiments conducted in quantum mechanics, a web of stories is spun around discovery, imagination, and the congruence and conflict of different perspectives.