Fri 22 Mar '19 - Art / expo

Night Gallery // Anan Striker & Wayne Horse

Beat a dead Horse

Beat a dead Horse (Rotterdam OTT mix)
In the 17th century, painters were paid in advance and promptly blew their money on booze. The ensuing period of work was called “dead horse” time. Since they didn’t have the promise of a commission for motivation, most painters were woefully unproductive. By starting to paint as soon as the booze comes in, A & W intend to beat the dead horse curse.

Wayne Horse (GER ’81) & Anan Striker (NL ’88) will create murals according to the music they listen. The strokes, lines and subjects will be influenced by the songs during the creations. A rhythmical spontaneous mural, informed by the songs content as much as their beat and melody will take over the Slash Gallery. The songs used to create the mural will be put on a mix-cassette as a radioshow-beattape mixture. A & W will release the tape during the weekend.

The tape = the wall
The wall = the tape

(Sexy announcement lady)
‘During the time of the creation you’re welcome to drop by and see them work to the music’