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This extra edition will be from May 29th-31st 2020 and will have the same goals as the regular New Skool Rules, which is, sharing and gaining knowledge, networking, doing business while having fun.

We will be hosting, panels, workshops, masterclasses, demo listening sessions and will even feature live performances. Of course, New Skool Rules would not be New Skool Rules without the legendary afterparty with live dj’s on.

Saturday, May 30th 2020. The panel members will range from the major labels like Motown, AtlanticRecords, Republic, Sony, Warner as well as the major publishers Warner/ Chappell, Sony/ ATV, Universal Publishing. Of course, we have experts on branding, social media and other interesting topic matters as well. The line up with topic matters, times, panel members, artists etc, will be announced over the next weeks. New Skool Rules will be free of charge, but enlistment is mandatory.

If you wanna join (be interactive with) a panel register on to enter zoom panel.

Full time table also available on the website of New Skool Rules.

WORM Central Station, #Wunderbar Foyer, The Pirate Bay
Boomgaardsstraat 71
Sun 31 May '20 - Broadcast


The Largest International Urban Conference / Festival

WORM will host the Showcases of New Skool Rules!
Each day three badass artist will show their skills in our broadcasting studio!


Showcase 1 (15:50 – 16:00) – Eva Lima



Singer Eva Lima is constantly on the pursuit of happiness. Music gives her hope and she wants to share that hope with the rest of the world. Her music is a love triangle of modern pop, electronic music and house. ‘We are all human, searching for fulfilment. Everyone has something special in them, so let us celebrate that!’






Showcase 2 (17:00 – 17:15) – J. Ward Brew




J. Ward Brew is een singer-songwriter en muzikale alleskunner uit Den Haag met Ghanese roots. Van kerkkoor, via hiphop naar ballads en als onderdeel van rapgroep ZiRe, kwam hij bij zijn eigen sound die je niet zomaar in een genre kunt vatten. Toch doen we een gooi: een gewaagde mix van contemporary R&B met pop- en rockinvloeden.








Showcase (20:30 – 20:45) – Âdïka

Âdïka’s musical story began at the age of eleven when she entered a singing competition and finished third place. With her fascinating rap and singing vocals combined with dance moves, she brought a new dancehall movement to the entertainment scene. Her first song called “accurate” which went number one on the best radio stations in Suriname in 2013 is the living proof. Shortly after the release of her song she was nominated for the Sranan pokoe Award as best newcomer and won. As time emerged she kept combining dancing, which she was practising since she was five years old, with her singing and in that order putting down massive performances.
Having various hits like; MUSIC TOONUP, LMLY, WORK FOR IT, RUFF GYALL and others took her from a normal teenager to being a huge inspiration to both kids and adults. As a singer/songwriter, dancer, performer Âdïka is a creative individual who has captivated and astonished many fans from Suriname, The Netherlands, UK and America. From house parties and international events to commercials for big Suriname’s companies, she has made her presence count.