NEW SKOOL RULES (ONLINE ) is FREE! You need to register to be part of the panels.
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This extra edition will be from May 29th-31st 2020 and will have the same goals as the regular New Skool Rules, which is, sharing and gaining knowledge, networking, doing business while having fun.

We will be hosting, panels, workshops, masterclasses, demo listening sessions and will even feature live performances. Of course, New Skool Rules would not be New Skool Rules without the legendary afterparty with live dj’s on.

Saturday, May 30th 2020. The panel members will range from the major labels like Motown, AtlanticRecords, Republic, Sony, Warner as well as the major publishers Warner/ Chappell, Sony/ ATV, Universal Publishing. Of course, we have experts on branding, social media and other interesting topic matters as well. The line up with topic matters, times, panel members, artists etc, will be announced over the next weeks. New Skool Rules will be free of charge, but enlistment is mandatory.

If you wanna join (be interactive with) a panel register on to enter zoom panel.
Full time table also available on the website of New Skool Rules!

WORM Central Station, #Wunderbar Foyer, The Pirate Bay
Boomgaardsstraat 71
Sat 30 May '20 - Broadcast

WORM Open City Live: New Skool Rules (ONILINE) DAY2

The Largest International Urban Conference / Festival

WORM will host the Showcases of New Skool Rules!
Each day three badass artist will show their skills in our broadcasting studio!


Showcase 1 (18:50 – 19:00) Cooper D’Etat 

Cooper is a great writer and musician.
The Delfish young blood has been dominating the Dutch battle rap scene since 2015.
Nowadays Cooper and his iconic and beautiful daywalker brother Barbarossa have founded a studio in The Hague: AudioFuel.
Cooper is a friendly young man.
He’s a fund of jokes and laughs and programmed with certain politeness.
He, however, swears by his street code and knows his laws for a reason.
Cooper likes puzzles and riddles.
Other names he might respond to are Jac Dareppa, Jeff TeQuila and Tout-a-Coop.


Showcase 2 (19:30 – 19:40) – Charissa Melanin 



Charissa Melanin is a Rotterdam homegrown talent. She is a fierce performer and a devoted mother!
In 2016 she often went to her dad’s studio, to create her first mini tape. In the following year, she participated in the first Female action of FunX Talent. In 2018 Charissa officially got signed at Homebase Records! The same year she dropped her first E.P. “Lover&Friend” (she never wrote songs, but wrote her first E.P. all by herself!) 2018 was also the year in which she released five stunning video clips!
In 2019 she released 2 singles.
2020 is BIG for Charissa! The musician is working on her second E.P., English this time! She is taking over the world, baby!


Showcase 3 (21:15 – 21:30) Fabz Pi

FABZ Pi left his home in Ethiopia at the age of 16, to become a professional soccer player in The Netherlands. After a bad injury which cost him his sports career, FABZ found his path to music!

FABZ is like an alchemist on a journey leaving a trail of  spiritual trap as well as mosh pit energy in a punk like delivery and auto tune inspired melodic trap music. He has quickly risen to be an artist to keep an eye on in the scene of Rotterdam according to Red Bull Music top 13 to watch out for from the 010. He has amassed more than a million streams on Spotify as an independent artist. In the Summer of 2018, he released his first EP “Life of Pi Season 1” and a year later released the sequel “Life Of Pi Season 2”. Pop Unie mentioned in their review that he is one of the best and most versatile Trap Rappers in the country. FABZ is currently working on the third instalment coming out in 2020.