Full side programme of Cafe Disorient:
Café Disorient: Razzle Dazzle Edition

Program – البرنامج – programma

Exhibition – المعرض – Expositie
WORM – S/ash Gallery
8/11- 30/11 2019

Opening – الافتتاح– Opening
Café Disorient: Razzle Dazzle Edition
WORM Slash Gallery

Concert – الحفل – Concert
Nawa Ensemble & Stryder
tickets € 7 Door, € 6 Presale, € 5 Students

Film screening – عرض فيلم – Filmvertoning
Valentino’s Ghost – Why We Hate Arabs And Muslims
19:00 guided tour by Sussane Khalil Yusef
19:30: screening (English)
21:45: Q&A with director Michael Singh via Skype

Zine Making – صنع مجلة- Zine Avond
Zine Club X Café Disorient
WORM Foyer

Finissage – الاختتام- Afsluiting
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Fri 15 Nov '19 - Theatre

Nawa Ensemble x Stryder : Cafe Disorient Session! SOLD OUT!

traditional Arab music and it's magic!

On the occasion of the exhibition Cafe Disorient: Razzle Dazzle Edition, the artist Susanne Khalil Yusef is inviting the Nawa Ensemble (Rotterdam) and the spoken word artist Stryder for an experimental collaboration of classical Arabic music and poetry!

نانفو ىون ةقرف نم لك ةوعدب فسوی لیلخ نازوس ةنانفلا موقت ،Cafe Disorient: Razzle Dazzle Edition ضرعم ةبسانمب
.مادرتور يف رعشلاو ةیكیسلاكلا ةیبرعلا ىقیسوملا يف يبیرجت نواعتل ردیارتس ينیطسلفلا ةقوطنملا ةملك

Nawa Ensemble (Rotterdam) pays tribute to Tarab, the Arabic music of poetry, dance and ecstasy. Energetic rhythms and virtuoso improvisation are key to their interpretation of Oum Kalthoum, Sabah Fakhri, Wadih Al-Safi and other Tarab greats. After a sold-out first edition in Rotterdam, Nawa Ensemble now comes to Studio/K (Amsterdam).

The musicians of Nawa have previously played with Kadim Al-Saher, Cheb Khaled, Assala Nasri, Amsa Lmouer and other leading Arab artists. Ali A-Faseeh, who studied music in Cairo and Beirut, sings Tarab from various regions.

The musicians:
Jamil Al-Asadi (Iraq) – Qanun
Mohcin El Haddad (Morocco) – Violin
Ali Al-Faseeh (Iraq) – Singer
Imad Ghajjou (Morocco) – Darbouka


Stryder started music thirteen years ago. In hip hop he saw a way to express his anger and frustration about social problems and the war in Palestine. Together with Gaza and De Mark, he was well on his way to being heard. All of a sudden everything falls away when Stryder loses his voice in 2012. Not useful for someone who wants to spread a message. Now, six years later, he resumes his mission.
Read the full interview in Hip Hop in Je Smoel here