Sat 3 Mar '18 - Concert

Museumnacht – Tutoriel (Existence) + Exoterrism (Third Type Tapes) + Sajjra (DJ)


Nantes’ Tutoriel creates music for imaginary video games through experimentation with sound, and its reaction on the human body. Musique pour jeu vidéo imaginaire!


Exoterrism (Fan Yau) is a Chinese fugitive, an ex-Shaolin from Hong Kong’s WanChai triad. He manipulates Feng Shui, QiGong, chaotic functions and algorithms to produce unstable phenomena between various dimensions.  He draws his influences from radioactive frequencies, extra-sensorial perceptions, synaesthetics, post-apocalyptic mayhem, the Nasdaq stock market and the jungle.

Sajjra – aka C hrs Galarreta – has been an important and forward-thinking force in the Peruvian underground since the 1990s, and can process experimental ideas in a more accessible format like few others.

During Museumnacht 2018 we will once again break through traditional boundaries. With a programme that removes mental and physical barriers, we present the next step in the process of evolving loving connections. All doors in the building will be unlocked and every passageway leads to a new State of Love. Everyone is welcome to wander around in the multidisciplinary spaces that encompass WORM’s Avantgardistic State – WORM UBIK,, Central Station, The Performance BarWORM S/ash Gallery and #Wunderbar.