Sat 3 Mar '18 - Club

Museumnacht – Fa2. lacht met: Black Zone Myth Chant (Live) + Low Jack (Live) + Ultraviolent


Black Zone Myth Chant likes developing live sets rather true to the spirit of his records: complex but physical drum beats, modular synth experimentations, airy melodies, and his deep signature vocals.

Low Jack is a French electronic music artist born in 1985 in Tegucigalpa (Honduras) and living in Paris. His music plays with the re-appropriation of sonic clichés, media folklores, and the multiplicity of musical languages associated with dance subcultures.

Ultraviolent has recently left his smog-wreathed vale in southern Poland where he’s been really into the “clubbing business” for last 5 years, hoping that gentle portion of boisterous wind in the Harbour City will open his mind just a little bit.

The Social Lover & le Romph
The Social Lover & le Romph, who you might know from either real life, not-so-real life or the afterlife, will close the whole thing with a tasty selection of street credible esoterica

During Museumnacht 2018 we will once again break through traditional boundaries. With a program that removes mental and physical barriers, we present the next step in the process of evolving loving connections. All doors in the building will be unlocked and every passageway leads to a new State of Love. Everyone is welcome to wander around in the multidisciplinary spaces that encompass WORM’s Avantgardistic State – WORM UBIK,, Central Station, The Performance BarWORM S/ash Gallery and #Wunderbar.