Sat 3 Mar '18 - Art / expo

Museumnacht- Al-Archive Presentation


Public presentation of the result of 2 days graphic workshopping with archive

Al Archive is a workshop series inviting visual makers (be they designers, visual artists, photographers, animators, etc..) to visualise key moments in our recent history through comparing sources and contexts. The multiple outcomes and perspectives are meant to be collected and mediated as a subjective archive targeting communication and media platforms. Further, the workshop encourages cross-disciplinary collaborations with journalists, writers, theorists and different communities.

Subjective archiving

A culture is represented through different vehicles, one of which is documentation. The latter serves as a functional tool for research and an effective way to represent data and trace identity narratives. Documentation, mapping and archiving are tools to chronicle history but in most cases, these tools are highly altered by the power of politics, class and cultural hegemony.

In that light, archives hold unparalleled storytelling potential. They can help form collective opinion and build public morale without ever being free from political charges, like any other form of design and communication. Every archive is an abstraction, and the designer decides what to exclude and what to include, what is irrelevant and what is important.

How can we re-design and re-archive crucial milestones in our recent history? What would a certain key date mean in different contexts and how was a specific incident covered on multiple media platforms and visually disseminated to audiences? How can we experiment with the multimedia archives of the mainstream while highlighting the importance of sub, and countercultures?

During Museumnacht 2018 we will once again break through traditional boundaries. With a programme that removes mental and physical barriers, we present the next step in the process of evolving loving connections. All doors in the building will be unlocked and every passageway leads to a new State of Love. Everyone is welcome to wander around in the multidisciplinary spaces that encompass WORM’s Avantgardistic State – WORM UBIK,, Central Station, The Performance BarWORM S/ash Gallery and #Wunderbar.