Sat 21 Apr '18 - Festival

Motel Mozaique – Day 2 @ WORM

Alt-pop avond

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Nabihah Iqbal
Nabihah Iqbal studied history and ethnic musicology, focusing on the South African harp. Her debut album, ‘Weighing of the Heart’ is, according to Pitchfork, one of the finest electronic pop albums of 2017, a warm and accessible record with shades of The Knife and New Order among others.

Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts
Cartoonist, glocal activist and underground figure extraordinaire, Jeffrey Lewis has released some remarkable records over the last decade or so on the Rough Trade label. We can think of an LP’s worth of Crass covers, odes to pigs and incredibly sympathetic laments on ageing; all of which are testament to his superb songwriting, inclusive worldview and skill in making lofi garage pop cover a multitude of subjects. Now deservedly seen as (to misquote John Peel) “a minor princeling” on the alternative circuit.

Beat-maker Joel Roberts and guitarist/singer Mike Sharp form Otzeki, who invite you on a trip through what they call “auditory patchwork”. “Losing themselves in the spiraling power of electronic loops, Otzeki have no interest in tightly structured songwriting.” (*Clash Music*).

The much-heralded Tshegue consists of Faty Sy Savanet from Lemba, a district in Kinshasa in Congo and Nicolas Dacunha, from the Paris banlieues. Their debut EP ‘Survivor’ (2017) was released to critical acclaim: NPR wrote, “It houses only four tracks, but every note is dynamic, pulsing jubilation”. African drum patterns combine brilliantly with Parisian punk and pop influences.