Fri 20 Apr '18 - Festival

Motel Mozaique – Day 1 @ WORM

A night at the Groove Motel

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Laura Misch
Laura Misch is best described as a “cross-genre” saxophone player. A producer, and singer-songwriter and a compelling performer (able to somehow sing after playing sax, no mean feat), Misch has carved out a fascinating sonic interzone of her very own, between electronics, jazz and soul.

Great News
Norway’s Great News band seamlessly combine psychedelic magic with noisy synths. Their debut record is filled with colourful, tropical-like, indie pop that nods to tropicalia in places and driven by Even Kjelbys incredibly catchy simpatico vocals.

Expect Balearic merriment from the hands of psych-pop wizard and producer Jacco Gardner and Nic Maukovic. They inform us: “Disco is OK and dancing is even more so, unless you could keep your feet in one place while listening to these subtropical sounds. It’s African witchcraft, it’s the beach your parents went to in the eighties (and didnt drop acid at), it’s how to swing your hips 101. Bailando, si, si, cerveza, por favor.”

PLEASE NOTE! This night runs on into Pantropical x Motel Mozaïque presents: Nazar, Conjunto Papa Upa, Liyo, Boni! There is a limited amount of tickets available on the door so come on time (23:00) to avoid disappointment.

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