Fri 13 Jan '17 - Concert

Mirrors for Psychic Warfare (US) + Sanford Parker (US)

WORM & Baroeg presenteren!

Scott Kelly and Sanford Parker are back in Europe with their project, “Mirrors for Psychic Warfare”.

Scott Kelly (founder member of Neurosis, Corrections House, Shrinebuilder, etc.) and Kelly’s bandmate in Corrections House producer/engineer/sonic warlord Sanford Parker look to extend the sum of their collaborations with Mirrors for Psychic Warfare; a more restrained, but intriguing work. The band’s haunting self-titled debut may remind some of the best work on the classic Cold Meat Industry label, but there are enough familiar Kelly/Parker-isms scattered throughout to keep the album stimulating.

Scott Kelly sees the project, Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, as “an experiment in noise, silence, restraint and aggression in all shapes and forms. I am very much looking forward to the open minds that will allow this in.” The Obelisk described their recent Roadburn gig as one full of “waves of loud-as-hell drones”

Mirrors for Psychic Warfare will be supported by Sanford Parker who will play work from his debut solo album Lash Back “Lash Back” imposes itself on the contemporary extreme music scene like the black monolith in Kubrick’s “Space Odyssey” – unassailable, incomparable, and perfect in form.

(Photo courtesy of JJ-Koczan, The Obelisk)

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