Fri 15 Jun '18 - Feestje

Cobra Unit Presents…

Art Pop-Up

Cobra Unit is a multidisciplinary rap collective from Rotterdam. On the 15th of June, 2018, they will be hosting their first art pop-up, followed by live performances & DJ sets by various members & affiliates. Expect dark & experimental visuals and music to go along with it.


Froggymane is a DJ & graphic artist who has made cover art for the likes of Kane Grocerys & SpaceGhostPurrp’s BMB collective. He also brought out a series of chopped & screwed mix tapes called “Slowed & Throwed Sessions”.  Expect a surprising and extensive knowledge of underground hip hop music.

333AK is one of the main producers for Cobra Unit, with a signature style characterised by harsh synths and droning bass lines. Having dropped multiple instrumental EP’s this year, he’ll be performing DJ sets together with Froggymane. He has an eclectic taste that shows both dark and ethereal elements.

CLIBBO is a young producer & DJ from Utrecht and the only DJ on the line up that isn’t a member of Cobra Unit. He’s made a name for himself in the hip hop world, having produced for big name artists such as Jay Critch & SwagHollywood. Expect a DJ set full of unreleased songs that you’ll soon be hearing everywhere.


GOODMONDAY is a rapper and occasional producer and a member of Cobra Unit. After having dropped “Shooting Stars”, his collaborative EP with 333AK, he is now gearing up for “Move Like: The Mixtape”, of which he will be performing music at the event. His style is defined by a carefree attitude, and lately, it has gained an experimental streak to it.

VOLVERMAC, another rapper and producer for Cobra Unit, will be performing alongside GOODMONDAY. After having dropped his EP “Carfax” in April, he is now looking forward to dropping his first full-length mix tape. Sonically, he mixes full sounds in unconventional ways and adds psychedelic, often melancholy twists to them.

YUNG ZURICH is a singer from Rotterdam, giving his first live performance in almost a year. Having initially made bouncy, sample-based hits, he has recently moved on to a more serious, expressive sound. Zurich is also gearing up for the release of his “Nightmares From Zurich” mix tape, which will feature production from Clibbo & Volvermac.