Fri 22 Sep '17 - Art / expo

Message or Massage? Ellen Vartun (NO)

by Ellen Vartun (NO) with Rosalie Wammes + Céline Gillain (BE)

Body and gender-related issues are an important part of the Avantgardistic State‘s make up: the state stands firmly for all forms of expression. We say, we celebrate who you are and you you want to be.

Please note!
The Ellen Vårtun show runs from Thursday 21 September to Sunday 1 October. As we’re not a regular gallery we don’t have regular opening hours. Nevertheless! You are more than welcome!

  1. Opening night
  2. During Kunstavond (Fridays, 18h-21h)
  3. During Performance Bar Fridays & Saturdays 21h-02:00h

Basically, the gallery can be visited every time there’s a programme in UBIK. Please check the website.

Ellen Vårtun (NO)
Recently graduated from Sandberg Institute, Ellen Vårtun is concerned with body and gender related issues in her work. Toying with the ideas of the massage and the manicure, she appropriates this imagery for a feministic discourse. Ellen Vårtun will show works in the gallery and perform.

Body and gender-related issues continue to play a part in Vårtun’s work. Toying with ideas round massage and manicure, she appropriates the imagery from both activities for a feminist discourse. She believes that the freedom of women is not something to be taken for granted, especially not in times like these.