Sat 3 Feb '18 - Concert

Merda Elettronica Noise Crew (IT) + Sonic Cunt (IT/FR) + Fckn Bstrds (NL)

Wild noise heroes make an atonal mess!

Merda Elettronica Noise Crew (IT)
Merda Elettronica are an amorphous collective of electronic’s loud freaks & DIY punk trouble makers, spreading circuit bending, noises, electronic abuses and hacking attitude around the globe.

Fckn Bstrds (NL)
Fckn Bstrds, “unregulated, from Rotterdam”. Music-as-noise using electronic equipment & odds-and-ends that would normally have ended up in the municipal landfill site. A total experience that you would be wise to avoid.

“Nothing can match Dutch prankster legends FCKN BSTRDS when it comes to deconstructing all time and space.” The Quietus

Sonic Cunt (IT/FR)