Fri 9 Mar '18 - Concert

Meindert Talma + De Kift

Nederlands muziek-poezie in excelsis
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De Kift
De Kift describe themselves as a “poetic multi-headed fanfare-punk band from The Netherlands.” The band started in 1988 and have to date released ten studio albums, collaborated in several theatre, film and other multimedia-projects, written music for film and televison and toured extensively. The band are well known for singing in Dutch, using their broad social and literary concerns to present a charming, sligtly chaotic and often idyosyncratic look at the world.

Meindert Talma
A well-respected figure in WORM, Meindert Talma is a celebrated Dutch lo-fi singer, writer and keyboardist. A man with a nose for nearly-forgotten heroes and weirdoes in Dutch culture, Talma sings in Dutch as well as West Frisian and English. His recent releases (on established Dutch indie label, Excelsior Recordings) have brought his unique compositions to a wider, poppier audience.