Nushka Levysohn (HKU)

Nushka Levysohn tests the limits of her body in her performance piece titled “from BONES to AIR”. During this passionate performance, Levysohn explores the uncanny space between one’s exteriorized and interiorized voice through her body as the medium. Through the act of repetition in a state of flow the piece will extend beyond the limits of her body. Her voice now extends to the exterior as a hypnotizing sonic experience, beyond the internal vibration of the voice that one usually experiences in solitude, drawing in listeners with each drumming of the chest.


Fri 25 Oct '19 - Art / expo

Meet the neighbours! (WDKA, HKU, GRA, KABK)


Face to Face is een serie tentoonstellingen in WORM S / ash Gallery, waarin kunstenaars een dialoog aangaan met het publiek.
In deze editie selecteren de jonge programmeurs Kolijn Jagersma, Sydney Rahimtoola, Elina Tapio, Jacques Kayser, afgestudeerde kunstenaars van WDKA, HKU, GRA, KABK. In The Open City bouwt een nieuwe generatie van beide programmeurs en kunstenaars hun visie op de huidige Nederlandse kunstscène en de plaats van kunst in onze samenleving.

Face to Face: meet the neighbours! (WDKA, HKU, GRA, KABK)
Face to Face is a series of exhibitions at WORM S/ash Gallery during which artists engage in a dialogue with the audience.
In this edition, young programmers Kolijn Jagersma, Sydney Rahimtoola, Elina Tapio, Jacques Kayser select graduate artists from WDKA, HKU, GRA, KABK. In The Open City, a new generation of both curators/programmers and artists builds their vision for the current Dutch art scene and the place of art in our society.


For the past week during their Worm residency, three of the Face to Face artists – Proud Devakula, Nushka Levysohn and Louisa Teichmann – have worked on new projects, which will be shown at the S/ash Gallery. Here’s a quick update on what you can expect to witness this Friday evening during Kunstavond: 

Proud Devakula is collaborating with Latisha Horstink in building an installation that explores the role of street food in shaping culture, communities and local economy, and how food is used to express love and affection in Asia.

Nushka Levysohn performs (re)search (dis)connection. This is an ongoing research project using minimal elements, the body, a jack-plug, and noise while she is creating/discovering/following/leading sound. This form of constant zoom is an exploration of connection and disconnection, endurance of mind over matter, and physicality. She will also perform at The Performance Bar right after the closing evening. Nushka will perform at 19:30 at S/ash.

Louisa Teichmann will present a site-specific update on her text adventure game “Ultimate Dragon”, where the work now blends its fictionalized landscapes with objects from its surrounding environment and our reality. Come witness her digitized translation of objects found at S/ash and a reinvented spatial escape game.


Louisa Teichmann in collaboration with Auryn Parkinson (WDKA)

Louisa Teichmann’s “Ultimate Dragon” is an interactive game that has the promise of utopia embedded in it. The player moves forward in the 3-dimensional environment in dialogue with the program, that corresponds to the players input by constructing a personalized landscape based on answers fed into it. The input of the player becomes the text onto which a fictionalized world is created, where the desires of the player are translated by the computer program into a digital imaginary. What will your desires look like in this fictionalized digital world?

Tobias Groot (GRA)

Tobias Groot’s photographic series “Scratching the Surface” tells an explorative narrative from the perspective of an AI-entity attempting to make sense of the human and the experience of its physicality. The context is the future – a posthuman future – and the speculations of the human experience come alive in Groot’s experimentations in technique and representation. What becomes the AI’s envisionment of the human corresponds to the artist’s own speculations of how non-human intelligence operates, making the work a twofold exploration of conceiving the human and its technological counterpart in the 21st century and beyond.

Proud Devakula (KABK)

Proud Devakula presents an impactful performance piece titled “Little Brown Fucking Machines Powered by Rice” that deals with the fetishization of racial minorities. The title of the work uses a statement made by wartime U.S military describing Asian women, which refers a long history of violence that has subjected them to exoticization and sexualization, especially through the common stereotype that categorizes them as small, servile, and submissive. During the performance the audience is invited to interact with the bodies of the silent, still performers and listen closely to recorded messages spoken through their clothing. Through this simple interaction Devakula emphasizes listening as form of political reform in the instance of the objectified bodies speaking back to the listener of injustices imposed on them.