Sat 2 Nov '19 - Club

Masego Sound Coronation Day with Nyahbinghidub Sound and Alvaroots

For the beautiful children of Yawenta

On the 2nd of November 1930 the prophecy was fulfilled! The Lion called Ras Tafari was crowned King of Kings of the holy land of Ethiopia. Under his new name Emperor Haile Selassie I, ‘The Power Of The Trinity’, His Imperial Majesty started His mighty works as defender of the Holy Faith! And exactly 89 years later, we celebrate His coronation day in WORM Rotterdam!

Massive tell us, how can we celebrate it better than with a booming fundraiser session for Yawenta Children’s Center, Shashamane?!
Located on the land H.I.M. has given to the Rasta community, Yawenta’s beautiful and lifesaving work is directly rooted in the holy works of The Emperor. So on coronation day we both celebrate His crowning and we support the fruits of His works with a fullnight soundsystem dance!

NyahbinghiDub Sound System
Our first guest is no one less than NyahbinghiDub Sound System from Madrid! The founder of the famous Nyahbinghidub record label, recording studio and Way to Zion Vinyl Shop knows how to mash up a dance for real! Nyahbinghidub Soundsystem has played countries from Mexico to Italy and Spain, from Dubcamp France to the UK. On coronation day he’s ready to join the front line for his first time in Holland. Expect some strong musical meditation and amazing steppavibes. What a joy!

Also from Spain we welcome Alvaroots (Alvaro Martin)! With his pure style and surprising selections Alvaroots knows how to play some real Roots ‘n Dub. What a pleasure to welcome the ‘King of Tools’ in our dance!

Angel Ites
Last but not least, our works for the beautiful children of Yawenta is supported by the lyrical warrior called Angel Ites (Pacha Mama Soundsystem). We love his style and his energy over and over again. Big up!

To celebrate coronation day in an even more special way, we will soon announce a special pre session program somewhere in the city. Stay tuned!

We are very happy and thankful that great international artists are so generous to support our cause! Please join our fundraiser session with heartical vibes. All profit goes directly to Yawenta and is directly saving the lifes of those who need support the most!

One love, Hail Ras Tafari!

Masego Soundsystem