Thu 20 Apr '17 - Concert

Mary Ocher (RU) + An Pierlé (BE) + Chikiss (RU)

Out-of-this-world music from Berlin

Russia meets Belgium meets WORM’s Avantgardistic State.

Apart from making music, Mary Ocher makes visual art and installations, documentaries, film, music videos, and poetry. Ocher has a reputation for making uncompromising work, dealing with subjects of authority, identity and conflict; and, by doing so, swimming against the socio-creative tide.

Her work ranges from traditional folk to raw 60s garage, from ambient (with ethereal vocals and abstract synths) to experimental pop with African and South American rhythms. She has released 4 studio albums on 5 labels in the past 6 years, as well as a double anthology of home recordings, 2 EPs and 2 collections of remixes. Her previous solo release was produced by Canadian Psych Rock&Roll star, King Khan.She is an integral part of the upcoming international Berlin creative world and has recently joined the international art collective Autodiktat.

The WORM show is part of the release tour for Mary’s LP, The West Against The People, scheduled for release on Klangbad this March. It was produced with Hans Joachim Irmler of Faust and features solo tracks, as well as tracks with her two drummers Your Government, and elusive legends Die Tödliche Doris and Felix Kubin. It also features an essay elaborating on the themes of the album and analyzing the current sociopolitical climate.

“Prediction: one of the best albums of 2017”  – FACT Magazine (January 2017)

Ocher will be joined by  An Pierlé (BE). TS Eliot once wrote: ‘Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different.’ An Pierlé is definitely in the latter category.  She is an award-winning composer (her first entire feature film soundtrack – for Jaco Van Dormael’s film, “Le Tout Nouveau Testament” – won the “Magritte du Cinema” for “Best Original Soundtrack”) and a writer of colourful, intriguing pop music. Her latest album “Arches” (a song cycle for church organ, 3 voices, electric guitar & percussion) and an EP Cluster, both released in the autumn of 2016, proves this point. Her voice, approach to songwriting and piano style has been said to “evoke the likes of Kate Bush, Mark Hollis, Robert Wyatt, Sioiuxsie Sioux, The Doors, Serge Gainsbourg and Roxy Music.”

Galya Chikiss aka Galina Ozeran is a Russian singer-songwriter, composer, producer, dj and synth diva. Over the last ten years she has recorded a remarkable range of music –  from contemporary piano and electro-acoustic pieces to nostalgic synth-pop songs, shoegaze, noise-rock and trippy electronic avant-garde material.

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