Wed 27 Sep '17 - Concert

Mark McGuire (US) + J.R. Bohannon (US)

A night of transcendent guitar playing from America

Before September’s AWL screening, two American guitarists ply their trade in the Avantgardistic State.

Mark McGuire
Mark McGuire is an artist based in Cleveland, OH. He plays guitar and compliments it by experimenting with vocals, tapes, keyboards and other instruments. He was a member of the “kosmische” electronic trio, Emeralds and has released music under the moniker, The Magi Of Eire and The Road Chief. McGuire carries the Lakota name, Iktomi Wicasa (Spider Man).

J.R. Bohannon
J.R. Bohannon is an American guitarist who looks to push the potential of the acoustic guitar. Using nothing more than a 12-string, Bohannon creates vast soundscapes that can often sound like a full band.