Tue 6 Mar '18 - Talk

Manifest – March


After a short break for February due to generally busy schedules, Manifest is back in the Avantgardistic State (as usual, enter at Wunderbar and walk through to the stairs at the back).

Tess has still got a few spots left to show & tell! Do you have an animation (that you didnt make yourself) that youd like to share with others? Email her at tess@manifestanimation.com to sign up! Or send a FB message to the Manifest FB page. You don’t have to be an animator to share an animation!
Thank you to Oana Clitan for designing our graphics every month!

Manifest is a regular animation show & tell evening. Just like the show & tell exercise you may have done at school, three pre-selected participants bring an animation clip that they love (that they didnt create themselves) and they share with the audience what it is and why they chose it. The audience contributes to a twenty-minute discussion about the clip, looking up other clips on the fly, moderated by your host, animator Tess Martin.

Come to manifest to see what people are passionate about and why. Stay to drink a beer and chat with the presenters about animation.

Manifest is always free, open to the public, and in English!