Tue 20 Mar '18 - Concert

Maher Shalal Hash Baz (JP) + Zach Phillips (OSR, NY) + Le Ton Mité (BE)

Japanese underground hero Tori Kudo comes to WORM!

Maher Shalal Hash Baz
Maher Shalal Hash Baz is an ensemble of varying size, based on the sacred & secular compositions of Tori Kudo. Finely orchestrated notations on flowers, interweaving wind arrangements suggesting the passage of bullet trains, reflections on the imperfections in what may have been created as a perfect world… Mistakenly refered to as naïve, “primitive” may be a more correct adjective. Kudo uses notes and available musicians to describe the complexities of his and invariably, our, lives instead of paint and canvas. Much in the same vein as the Northern Renaissance painters, the personal messages become universal. Tori Kudo will be back in NL with an unknown number of compatriots, supported by local musicians linked to the group Le Ton MIté from Brussels.

Zach Phillips
Zach Phillips has been promoting the sound of the cassette multi-track recording, as “an honest medium”, one more in touch with the immediacy of sound. His work is made of intimate, clever pop songs, built round smart chord progressions and hooks. His latest release on OSR is a compilation of live recordings from his recent tour in Japan.

Le Ton MIté
Born in Arkansas in 1998 but now based in Brussels, Le Ton MIté is a musical soundtrack of the voyages & adventures of artist, McCloud Zicmuse. Part chamber pop ensemble, part mideval sect, part backing band, part contemporary dance; The Wire described the results as an “amalgam of pop, folk & jazz, with a certian post ‘Rock In Opposition’ flair…” On this tour McCloud will present a quick overview of the project’s 20 year history, with excerpts from the latest recording, ‘Passé Composé Futur Conditionnel’, released last year on Crammed Discs’ mythic Made to Measure series. Expect multiple voices, guitars, saxophones, clarinettes, keyboards, recorders & maybe a musical saw.