WORM Central Station, WORM CS Hoge Zaal, BAR zaal
Boomgaardsstraat 71
Fri 18 Oct '19 - Concert

Left of the Dial 2019


When you walk around Rotterdam, have you ever thought how much of your leisure time is actually more curated than you think? Do you stare at a snazzy new buildings, eat “artisan produce” at your favourite chain, or make sure you have a coffee to go before you graze through the sales? There’s your city centre “experience” right there. Just like everyone else’s.

Take a gamble and walk into WORM for Left of the Dial festival. Left of the Dial – spread over a number of clubs and spaces in Rotterdam – gives a chance to experience real club culture and new music in the raw.

The second edition follows on from last year’s riotous event, where a host of wildly different upcoming bands and alternative acts shook the city’s more interesting clubs and venues. The 2019 timetable is not yet finalised, so keep an eye on the organisation’s website during the coming months. But it’s not beyond the realms of possibility to see (say) Imperial Wax, Manisdron and Sinead O Brien play here.

Drop those passive chops and dare to be different.


bààn (BE) • Birthday Girl (SE) • Black Leather Jacket (BE) • Cry (BE) • Deeper (US) • Deliluh (CA) • dirk. (BE) • DITZ (UK) • Do Nothing (UK) • Dumb (CA) • Haze (UK) • HEISA (BE) • Honey Lung (UK) • Hot Flash Heat Wave (US) • Ilgen-Nur (DE) • Imperial Wax (UK) • Japanese Television (UK) • Jealous (DE) • Jelly Boy (UK) • LIFE (UK) • Lumer (UK) • Manisdron (JP) • MOLLY (AT) • The Mystery Lights (US) • One Sentence. Supervisor (CH) • Pet Shimmers (UK) • The Pier (IT) • Rats on Rafts (NL) • Sasha and the Shades (UK) • Sinead O’Brien (IE) • Sleep Eaters (UK) • Slumb Party (UK) • Stef Chura (US) + many more to be announced.