Thu 14 Jun '18 - Art / expo

Late Night Opening with Lise Bisleau + Camille Pautasso (FR)

Perhaps the essence could be drawn

S/ash is deligted to host an exhibition of drawings by French artist, Lise Bisleau. During the opening there will be a a dancing, singing and storytelling performance by Camille Pautasso (FR).

“Time, through its suspension, becomes imperious, wins a landslide victory.

Time becomes long, a time of insomnia, where innumerable thoughts populate time without ever filling it, without even inhabiting it…

the long time whose thoughts only hint at a stretch in perpetuity,
the long time where what it shelters only exists to drown in it,
the long time whose interminable dilation forms the free space in which everything becomes captive.

The present century, heir to such a longstanding passion for things, a passion that forgot the background of silence from which it was born, violently discovers this bottomless depth, fears that it will devour all existence
However, the silent void conceals, to whoever is not afraid to see themself as insignificant, to whoever is full of gratitude, employs their thoughts to tailor an appropriate welcome for this abyss an unparalleled goodness. Listen; attentive ear, as you know how to hear the welcome from such a silence, and know the immensity with which it fills you. You know that every voice sings for you.”