Sun 11 Feb '18 - Concert

King Dick (BE) + Nancy Kleurenblind & De Zingende Roadie (NL)

Trash pop omelette served with Casio sauce

King Dick
The solo project of Antwerp based musician Wim De Busser. De Busser can draw on a decade’s worth of experience as keyboard player, dancer, choreographer, composer and arranger in many musical and theatrical productions such as Zita Swoon Group (2009-), Helmut Lotti and The Colorist. De Busser is also band leader of the Wim de Busser Quartet – an established name in the Antwerp jazz scene. In 2015, De Busser decided it was time to write his own songs. Adopting an alter-ego, King Dick, he produced an album of highly attractivelo-fi psych-pop and a label, the appropriately named King Dick Records.

Nancy Kleurenblind & De Zingende Roadie
Nancy Kleurenblind & De Zingende Roadie is a new Dutch-language act, hailing from Amsterdam and the sleepy town of Rijsbergen. The band’s music is inspired by (and written on) a Casio SA-1, and a mini 100 sound ToneBank keyboard from 1989. Live, bass and vocals are added to create a sort of warped space-pop. With members of HAUSMAGGER and pEp.