Sat 22 Sep '18 - Club

Kim Ki O (TUR) + Elephant Hive (ISR)

Pop + Powerhouse in joyful harmony

Kim Ki O
Kim Ki O is a duo from Istanbul. Their music is perfect lo-fi indie pop infused with the vibrancy of their native city. WORM notes a diverse range of influences and pickings, from New Order’s melancholy, the bedsit haughtiness of primetime 4AD and the lofi charm of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. In 2010 Dutch label Enfant Terrible brought out their mini LP, ‘Dans’.

Elephant Hive
An instrumental garage power duo from Tel Aviv, formed in 2015 by Rafael Cohen (guitar) and Tom Bollig (drums). Expect short sharp blasts of noise, combining African sounds and rhythms with alternative-MOR indie punk; a la Deerhoof, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool and Autolux, among others.