Fri 16 Feb '18 - Art / expo

Kill your Darlings Expo

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Do you, the artist, have the guts to Kill Your Darlings?
Bring it and lets destroy it together.
We invite everybody to bring a failed artwork.

We stop with conserving.
And glorify destruction.
In the ashes we shall rise
There is no true beauty without decay (and destruction).

Not all art is meant to be conserved for ever. Some art can be killed. Ever wanted to see how artists say goodbye to their own artworks? We wondered. So we decided to organise an event where this will happen.

WORM S/ash Gallery asked 4 artists to build an explosion/exposition [sic] in a day. A destruction ceremony took place, and we said goodbye to the works of Rowan van AsMette Sterre,Marta Wörner & Eothen Stearn.

Some will said goodbye to their work in a conceptual way, while others literally destroyed. Killed. Burned. Freezed.

The result of the destruction ceremony is left exactly as is for 9 days, and presented as an expo. Contact for more information.

You can visit the results of the Kill Your Darlings expo during the Performance Bar weekend!