Thu 14 Feb '19 - Art / expo

Kill Your Darlings #3 heartbreak edition!


Chocolate-flavored Love Notes on Valentine’s Day are not cool. You know what’s cool? Taking your sweetie pie or your fab single self to the S/ash Gallery toΒ nuke, pulverize, shatter and WASTE that baggage you’ve been dragging along for too long. That, is cool. Destructive intermezzo’s by DJ Dzum!3 euros damage at the door, free heartbreaking cake and bakje troost.

What do you keep from the past?
What can we get rid of?
Do you have the guts to Kill Your Darlings?

We stop with conserving.
And glorify destruction.
In the ashes we shall rise.
There is no true beauty without decay (and destruction).

Europe has a tendency to keep everything in archives, museums, boxes, afraid to let go of things. WORM S/ASH GAllERY brings holes to breath and mishmash to play. WORM S/ASH GAllERY invites 4 artists for an explosion-exposition [sic] where they reflect on what it means to kill their darlings. They will guide the destruction ceremony in which everybody can participate; starting at 20:30 and lasting till 22:30. During this time we will say goodbye to all the collected works.

Anthony HΓΌseyin // The Lucky One

Originally trained in Western classical and jazz singing, Turkish-Dutch singer-songwriter and performance artistΒ  Anthony HΓΌseyin (aka HΓΌseyin Badilli) has always focused on a wide range of music genres. Inspired by a lost love, Anthony HΓΌseyin brings melancholic dark electro-pop mixed with tender jazz-pop vocals and a touch of retro 80’s beats. Be a visitor on this emotional journey of passing through love, hope, and acceptance.

Natasha Taylor// Objects.

Picture this: you decide to declutter your artworks stored in your basement, but despite your best intentions, 45 minutes into the project you’re surrounded by a pile of old artworks you forgot you had, and you are sifting through them like they’re relics.
Decluttering is difficult, why is letting go of stuff so hard?
A lecture performance. Mutidisciplinary artist Natasha Taylor works on the edges of music, foreign objects and show wrestling. Yes.

Domas Anne van Wijk // It Just Wasn’t Meant To Be
The work by Domas van Wijk is haunted by the ghosts of previous states. Or, in other words still, the work is inhabited by different sources, references and material remnants one may be inclined to ascribe to bygone eras. In the installations, Domas van Wijk combines materials as a ‘Dokter Love’, a matchmaker for relations between objects. Domas actually doesn’t want his work to be destroyed, but it happens anyway. The multiple automatically moving installations are made of fragile elements, which, even with the greatest care, do not survive for long.

Zoe Kate Reddy // Diamond DJ Destruction

The diamond DJ is a diamond, she is a DJ, she has been waiting for 10 years and finally on this night of love and destruction she will be resurrected. Her resurrection however will be a disaster. The dust accumulated both inside and out will result in one final song.

Zoe Kate Reddy is an artist and musician based in the Hague. Her performances use a variety of aspects often attributed to musical performance and shifting them into a new position or context. Zoe’s work consist of multiple layers and combines aspects of high & low arts to create performances and installations.
β€œI want to raise questions about the status and experience of performance and the performer’s identity… I want to make my viewer wonder what it is they are witnessing. I am interested in promotional tools as as art form, posters and flyer to build a reputation where none exists, to install fame in the unknown and to bring my own practice closer to my personal fascination with stars, the stage, illusion, impersonation, and ultimately questions of identity.”

You have an artwork yourself you want to transform or get rid of? Bring it to the event! During the short breaks there is the possibility for the audience to kill their own darlings.

Dears, don’t forget you’re in a gallery amongst people. No fire or other harmful ideas, only destruct your own work. No damage to our public, our floor, walls and equipment…! Be free but responsible, and clean your mess. Love!