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Boomgaardsstraat 71
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Thu 14 Feb '19 - Art / expo

Kill Your Darlings #3 heartbreak edition!

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Chocolate-flavored Love Notes on Valentine’s Day are not cool. You know what’s cool? Taking your sweetie pie or your fab single self to the S/ash Gallery toΒ nuke, pulverize, shatter and WASTE that baggage you’ve been dragging along for too long. That, is cool.

What do you keep from the past?
What can we get rid of?
Do you have the guts to Kill Your Darlings?

We stop with conserving.
And glorify destruction.
In the ashes we shall rise
There is no true beauty without decay (and destruction).

WORM S/ash Gallery will ask 3 artists for an explosion-exposition [sic] where they reflect on what it means to kill their darlings. They will guide the destruction ceremony in which everybody can participate; starting at 20:30 and lasting till 22:30.

During this time we will say goodbye to all the collected works .
Europe has a tendency to keep everything in archives, museums, boxes, afraid to let go of things. We bring holes to breath and mishmash to play.

You have an artwork yourself you want to transform or get rid of? mail a short description, subject “kill my darlings” to!

f r e e e n t r a n c e

with Anthony HΓΌseyin, other artists tba.