Thu 18 Jun '20 - Concert

Postponed: Karen Willems/Rutger Zuydervelt + Colin Webster/Dirk Serries + Witch ‘n’ Monk/Jorrit Westerhof


Note: tickets will be on sale in due course. If you have already bought a ticket for April’s show, it will remain valid.

Een supersonische en experimentele beleving is gepland in de agenda van WORM. De geweldige Belgische drummer Karen Willems demonstreert haar nieuwe samenwerking met Rutger Zuyderveld – aka Machinefabriek. Beide hebben een achtergrond in de theaterwereld. Daarnaast gaat de Belgische drone meester Dirk Serries samen met de Britse avant-garde saxofonist Colin Webster, EN duo Witch ‘n’ Monk en “onze Jorrit Westerhof” deze avond compleet maken! Al met al wordt het een voorstelling waar elektronische en akoestische experimenten bij elkaar komen met een minimalistische ondertoon en omringende sonische waves.

A line up promising much experiment and sonic twists at WORM. For one, Belgian drummer/percussionist Karen Willems showcases her new collaboration with Rutger Zuyderveld – aka Machinefabriek. Complementing this duo is another: Belgian drone mastro Dirk Serries and celebrated British avant-garde saxophonist Colin Webster. And there’s more: Exciting duo Witch ‘n’ Monk lock horns with Jorrit Westerhof.

Karen Willems & Machinefabriek
Karen Willems started as a drummer in rock and pop bands such as Zita Swoon Group, Jan Swerts, Pascal Deweze, Novastar, Mauro Pawlowski and others. She is also active in theatre, dance and contemporary music productions.

Rutger Zuydervelt combines elements of ambient, noise, minimalism, drone, field recordings and electro-acoustic experiments. He started recording as Machinefabriek in 2004. Since then, Zuydervelt released a steady stream of music on labels such as Western Vinyl, Type, Important, 12K, Entr’acte, Miasmah, Consouling Sounds, Western Vinyl Eilean and Edition Wandelweiser. He also composes for dance performances and films, and collaborated with various artists, from Michel Banabila to Dead Neanderthals.

Colin Webster & Dirk Serries
Belgian guitarist Dirk Serries and British saxophonist Colin Webster have worked together since 2014, when they performed in the expanded Dead Neanderthals line-up at Incubate Festival in Tilburg (Endless Voids). Since then they have formed Kodian Trio with drummer Andrew Lisle, and its off-shoot quartet with John Dikeman. They have also collaborated on Serries’ minimalist composition collective TONUS and the heavy drone quartet Fear Falls Burning.

Serries and Webster’s first release (from ther first recording sessions) was ‘Gargoyles’ (Raw Tonk Records). The album focused on short, sharp improvisations that showcased the pair’s near-telepathic sonic interactions, as well as their deep fascination with noise.

More recently Serries has begun to devote himself increasingly to acoustic improvisation. In 2019 the pair recorded their second duo album ‘Light Industry’ (A New Wave of Jazz); a fully acoustic album, which showcases a more thoughtful approach while retaining the fire and quick interplay of their previous work.

Witch ‘n’ Monk & Jorrit Westerhof
Witch ‘n’ Monk (formerly Bitch ‘n’ Monk) is the twinning of nonconformist Colombian flautist Mauricio Velasierra and anarchic soprano and guitarist Heidi Heidelberg. The driving force of the duo is a shared commitment to depict the multiverse, through an uncompromised, new musical language of composition and improvisation that travels fluidly between forms.

This multiverse is constructed with a collection of Latin American flutes radically manipulated with effects and extended techniques, anarchic soprano vocals that move seamlessly and suddenly between characters and timbres, analogue electronics and a jazz-punk guitar/bass hybrid. Each limb is called upon to create the sound of multiple dimensions being inhabited simultaneously, using a myriad of control pedals and labyrinthine signal paths to orchestrate live.

The pair will be joined by WORM favourite, and 3×7’s multitalented guitarist Jorrit Westerhof.