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Mon 2 Apr '18 - Concert

AEOHH presents JPEGMAFIA (US) + Optimis GFN (US) + Le Crabe aka Cancer (FR) + Daisy Mortem (FR)

Samen met All Eyes on Hiphop!
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The Avantgardistic State and All Eyes on Hiphop are proud to present four sonic and exciting acts playing in the wastegrounds between rap, punk and electronic noise:

Expect La Belle Alliance C21st style: a night of crossovers and with space-punk, noise, electronic beats that sound like a meat mincer and a rightous dash of (anti?) social hiphop that will sacrifice your social conscience and examine the entrails…

The Fader gushed that JPEGMAFIA‘s style was “a constantly evolving hip-hop project juggling noise and SoundCloud rap’s punk reclamation like they were live grenades, with a generous serving of the deep-fried anarcho-libertarian humor from the strangest Black Twitter circles. Comparisons to Death Grips and B L A C K I E are easy and inaccurate.”PIN went further saying JPEG is “one of the most volatile, frightening, and exciting voices heard in mid-10s hip-hop”.

Optimis GFN (US)
“Give a gameconsole geek a game and he has world to play for a day. Give a gameconsole geek a mpc and a mic and you got OptimisGFN.” The beatmaker/rapper OptimisGFN has been wandering through the nether reagions of the underground since time immemorial. Rapping in the Streets of Cambridge, MA led to a move to Berlin in 2017, to look “for a greater good”. Mixing punkish rap with dazzling and enervating wordplay OptimisGFN acts like a modern-day Loki, shapeshifting at will.

Le Crabe aka Cancer (FR)
“Attentat // punk rap grind exp // no bullshit”
That’s how it should be. Collaborating with Optimis GFN led to a new EP released end of March 2018.

Daisy Mortem (FR)
Mixing performance and electro punk into what can be described as cinematic nocturnal wanderings with a decidedly creepy undertone, Daisy Mortem is “the original soundtrack from an erotic dream ending with an assassination in some grim nightclub.” Lekker.