Fri 22 Sep '17 - Concert

Popdottir: Jessica Moss (CA) + Helen Money (US) + Laura Cannell (UK)

Masters of the bow

Jessica Moss

Jessica Moss is best known for playing violin and singing backing vocals in the Canadian post-rock band Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band. She is also a founding member of Black Ox Orkestar. Moss has played on many records coming out of the Montreal and Toronto scenes such as , including albums by Frankie Sparo, Arcade Fire’s ‘Funeral’, and Broken Social Scene’s ‘You Forgot It In People’. She has collaborated on many records released on Constellation, such as Eric Chenaux’s ‘Dull Lights’ and Carla Bozulich’s ‘Evangelista’. We’re happy to have her in the Avantgardistic State.

Helen Money
Alison Chesley, aka Helen Money, is a classically trained cellist who draws her inspiration from a wide range of sources, such as Pablo Casals, Shostakovich, Jimi Hendrix and The Minutemen. Trained as a classical musician, her focus gradually shifted towards rock music. Her first band was Jason & Alison (later Verbow) formed with Jason Narducy. As a solo artist, she played on over 100 albums including ones by Bob Mould, Broken Social Scene, Anthrax, Mono, Russian Circles, Disturbed and Poi Dog Pondering. She began composing music for films, theatre and dance including two world premieres with modernist artist, Shirley Mordine. In 2007, Chesley wrote the first Helen Money album, and three others followed over the next decade.

Laura Cannell
Laura Cannell returns to WORM after 2015’s great concert with Jerusalem in my Heart. Laura Cannell uses self-developed (and improvisatory) techniques of the “deconstructed bow” and “double-barreled recorders”, to create music that plays off folk and mediaeval traditions and her inclination to explore and innovate. Laura Cannell released her debut album ‘Quick Sparrows Over The Black Earth’ in 2014. Her 2016 album, ‘Simultaneous Flight Movement’, came 12th in the Quietus Top 100 year listings.

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