Tue 23 Oct '18 - Film

Itinerant Movies – Pasaia Bitartean (Irati Gorostidi Agirretxe)

Guest speaker: Jonander Agirre Mikelez (architect, author of the film)

Cinema Architecture at WORM

The Open City likes to play with ideas round boundaries and restrictions, whether cultural, physical or mental. We are delighted therefore to announce a new programme; Cinema Architecture 2018: Itinerant Movies.

The selected films are entirely shot along waterways all over the world. These navigations aim to connect distant moments, sites and places suggesting a cinematic voyage to the film spectator that moves along an imaginary path.

Sailing along the Maas river by boat, moving across New York in a limousine or flying over the Robert Smithsons Spiral Jetty in a helicopter channels the perception of the landscape in a linear way: what is left behind is the known territory, what lies ahead is the unknown. Through this process the space is revealed to the spectator gradually, building up their own memories, associations, expectations, creating their own mental map on the way.

Deconstructing and reconstructing the architectural space depicted in the film engages the spectator in an active process of discovery.

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Note: Event starts at 21:00
Entrance 4€ // FREE with Cineville pass

Pasaia Bitartean Irati Gorostidi Agirretxe, 2016
Guest speaker: Jonander Agirre Mikelez (architect, author of the film)

Pasaia is the bay where the main commercial port of Gipuzkoa is based. The urban and industrial fabric grew around the productive activity of that harbour, which, ever since the industrial crisis, keeps declining. The starting point of Pasaia Bitartean is an architectural project that became a film as a result of the will of finding other methodologies to think the city and its common spaces.

Pasaia Bitartean seeks the essence of the contemporary post-industrial cities in their images; and addresses in turn the city as a memory vessel. Work as productive activity is opposed to work as museum activity: tourists crossing the industry as part of the journey on a cruise, or bands that translate the soundscape of that same industry into hardcore music, are some of the elements through which the movie enters the landscape of this town.

Jonander Agirre Mikelez will introduce his architectural project that inspires the film.