Sat 2 Dec '17 - Festival

Instruments Make Play Festival Beurs

Self-made musical instruments festival!

The Avantgardistic State offers training in the form of events where visitors can learn from experts and enthusiasts in their field and use WORM’s in-house expertise and facilities.

Instruments Make Play is the fourth “Craft Camp” in WORM’s Makers Series. This festival is based round the concept and use of self-made musical instruments. There are several events; the day programme (from 14:00-20:00) being the most “megalomaniac” in ambition! You could see it as the “Self-Invented Instrument Version” of the Rotterdam Art fair.

Festival Times
PLEASE NOTE! The concert programme “proper” in WORM, runs from 14:00 until 20:00. The last act in WORM will start at 19:00h (Lemones). After this the festival action will move to the Slash Gallery (when KMEX start with a performance by Anna Mikhailova) and later The Performance Bar.

KMEX in Slash: 23 November -3 December
In addition, Het Grote Ketelmuziek Experiment (KMEX) will be held WORM’s Slash Gallery in the week before the festival. This experiment will consist of a series of daily (mini)residencies, where musicians create new dimensions in sound using the giant audio-visual installation.

Line up
Alberto Novello // Lemones // KMEX (ketel muziek experiment, from 20:00) // Peter Zegveld // Pierre Bastien // Jasna Velickovic // Mario van Horrik // Grauton (Karen Geyer) //Jochem van Tol // Dawid Liftinger // Jonathan Reus // Anna Mikhailova // Karel van der Eijk // Bart Koppe  // Jan Schellink // ReverseLandfill // Paul Tas // Rob Hordijk //  Chris Meighan // Das Ding // A.K. Klossowski // Gijs Gieskes // Radboud Mens // Woodstone Kugelblitz // Yuri Landman // Jiyun Park // We Love Trash // Kacper Ziemianin // Bomonomodular // Underbelly Soundartmedia // Jurgen Winkel aka SONICrider

Karen Geyer and Eli Gras
On December 10 (the last day of the wider festival), Karen Geyer will give a performance in the UBIK, as well as “Spanish Renaissance woman” Eli Gras; who was one of the inspirations to make this festival.

As well as the WORM Craft Camp, Instruments Make Play can be seen in Amsterdam and Deventer this December. The festival series is programmed and produced by Lukas Simonis, Julie Dassaud and Harco Rutgers.